The Pelvic Floor Book

The pelvic floor, do you know what that is exactly?
Yes, have you read anything about it lately?
For example here on The Pelvic Floor?

What are your first thoughts on the word "pelvic floor"?
Pre and postnatal pelvic floor muscle exercises?
Urinary leakage on the trampoline or while laughing?
Problems with your bowel movements?
Muscles you need to train for good sex?
Or do you think about the pains you might have during intercourse?    

Every idea that comes to mind has something to do with the pelvic floor.
But rarely, if ever, do you read or hear a comprehensive and complete explanation of this complex pelvic floor.
We all learn how a heart works, how lungs work, what veins and veins are.
We learn that healthy eating, adequate drinking, avoiding excess weight and 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week are important.
But the pelvic floor remains so often undiscussed.
That's a shame!

With The Pelvic Floor, we try to make pelvic floor problems open for discussion.
To break the taboo.
But of course we also want to give you tips and advice.
On this platform, for now in the form of blogs and posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Looking for more info? Then I have good news!

In "The Pelvic Floor Book", I try to describe everything you, as a woman, want to know about your pelvic floor.
The subtitle originally said: 'Everything you, as a woman, MUST know about your pelvic floor'. I've changed the 'should' into 'want', because with this book I want to empower women. I don't want to impose on anyone what they should or should not do.

Every woman is unique. It is a phrase that will often recur in the book and one that I cannot repeat enough. That one unique recipe for success does not exist. It is not a cookbook in which you can finish the recipes with a guarantee of success. Because the pelvic floor is so complex and because we have rarely, if ever, received information about it, the focus in this book is on 'understanding'. Understanding your body, your pelvic floor and even how your bladder, womb and bowels work may take some effort, but it is well worth it! It's not a bestseller to read in one sitting, but a book to keep, to go back to from time to time to reread something, or just to be reminded from time to time that you are certainly not the only one with questions.

Think of your own learning process as a bumpy road. In this book, I would like to share honest, sincere and accessible insights and tips; so that you can overcome that bumpy road with joy!
Here's a tip: learn from and talk about your pelvic floor. Hopefully together we can make a difference for every woman!

Would you like to take a look at the book? You can do so here!

Many greetings,

Hedwig Neels  

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Het Bekkenbodemboek, Alles wat u als vrouw over uw pelkkenbodem wil weten.
Neels (UAntwerpen/UZA), Lannoo Publishers

€ 21.99
176 pages
EAN 9789401477574

In Het Bekkenbodemboek (The Pelvic Floor Book), Hedwig Neels, a specialist in pelvic floor medicine, provides some important basic principles and preventive guidelines for a healthy pelvic floor. With this book, she wants to take away the uncertainty that many women still feel about this subject. Hedwig follows the life cycle of the woman so that both young and old can benefit! With recognisable testimonies, beautiful illustrations for extra clarity, packed with accessible information and tips.

"This book is highly recommended for all women with an interest in their pelvic floor and an excellent tool to take pelvic floor problems out of the taboo sphere!" - GUY HUBENS


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