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Below you will find an overview of some frequently asked questions and some useful resources that can help you further with certain complaints and problems. Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form if you have any other questions.

Disclaimer: "The information on this website is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat any specific medical condition. That can only be done by a qualified physician or other health care provider."

Is the exercise program (WORKOUT) also suitable for pregnant women?


Of course! Pregnancy? That's top sport for your pelvic floor!
Your pelvic floor carries a lot of extra weight, has to work harder to hold up your pee and bowel movements, now has an even more important task in your "core stability," and you'd better prepare your muscles for that delivery, too!

Because "in the heat of the moment," letting go and relaxing is very important!

Learning to control your pelvic floor better during pregnancy and learning how to rise and relax properly is a real added value!
We give you a lot of tips and information in this program! Not to discourage you, but to prepare you for a better recovery after giving birth!

The WORKOUT program builds up over 12 weeks, you can do this during your pregnancy, but also after giving birth it is very interesting. After three months you will receive a discount code and for only €4.99/month you can continue your access, to train your pelvic floor back up postnatally!

Is the exercise program (WORKOUT) also suitable for women who have little time and still want to see effects?


Absolutely!!! We know that many women-like you-find little time for themselves: with a busy job, the challenging organization of a family life & athletic ambitions, little time is left for "pelvic floor training"....

You prefer not to dwell on boring basic exercises either...?
We understand that!

Following this exercise program really does require effort on your part! But ... you can watch all the videos at your pace! Short knowledge clips (max 5 minutes), short practice videos (max 5 minutes) and handy practice reminders to download.

More than 5 to 10 minutes a day, you don't need!

That exercise of those pelvic floor muscles ... does it really help?

Yes, yes that helps! Really!!!
Just practice behind a red light once in a while?
No... that doesn't help!
Join us! Follow the WORKOUT! Build up!!! Understand your body! Learn to properly align your goals with your unique story! And yes...that's when it really helps!

Are you continuing to experience problems? No worries! Even about aids (such as a tampon that can hold back some urine loss), additional tests, or possibly even more invasive surgery...
It all exists!
During our exercise program, you will learn a lot!
You'll find more info in the FAQ knowledge clips (after you register) and can ask all your questions by email!

Give your own body a real shot! With tips, trics and possibly some extra tools, you can change a lot!
And please trust us, everything is really scientifically based!

No 'Guru-magic' here ... but real reliable info!

Is the exercise program (WORKOUT) also suitable for older women, who have entered a different stage of life: for example, post-menopausal?


YES! Without a doubt!

Don't be put off by the online concept.

The exercise program is very easy to follow. You watch videos on your PC, tablet or cell phone and can start working on them yourself!
The exercises are really feasible for every woman.
You can always ask your personal questions by e-mail. Or book a personal one-on-one conversation.
And of course you can also discuss this with your doctor or physiotherapist!

Even if your problems are not completely resolved and you need additional help, these exercises, tips and tricks will certainly help you in your search for help as well as improve your recovery!
Or... do you have no serious complaints at all? All the better! But ... have you noticed that getting older does something to your body? And you are afraid that your pelvic floor will weaken? Conquer that fear quickly!
Register and finally learn what every woman really wants to know about her pelvic floor!

Where can I find more info on medical treatments?


What is a Pelvic Floor Ultrasound and why should I do it? Or prescribe it as a professional?


Pelvic floor ultrasound is one of many options to have your pelvic floor examined more closely.
It is not the only option. But it is our favorite!

Why. We can image your pelvic floor muscles, bladder, urethra, vagina, uterus (neck), last part of your bowel and your anal sphincter. All while we ask you live to flex your muscles, cough, or apply some pressure.

That helps us to assess -together with you:

  • What really happens in your daily life down there!
  • How well your pelvic floor is "preserved," after childbirth & aging
  • whether pelvic floor muscle exercises will suffice -and if not what aids we might recommend
  • To whom we can best refer you
  • what tips we can give to your own doctor or physiotherapist

We will always reassure you, discuss the images together and will give you and your doctor/physician/ midwife/trainer honest info & tips.

A sneak peek into our consultation box? Watch the interview here
Want to read more about our services at UZA? Info on pelvic floor ultrasound.
A prescription or referral letter from your doctor/child/ midwife is an added value, but not necessary. If you would like a consultative report and specific advice from Hedwig Neels (physiotherapist) or a specific gynecologist on our team, please ask specifically when making your appointment. Or contact us via this platform.

Want to know more? Contact us. You can actually watch the 3D/4D ultrasound on the Youtube channel.
Watch the whole interview here:

Can I already enjoy additional info and tips without incurring any costs?


Of course! Check out our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Also check out the articles, podcasts and TV recordings in which The Pelvic Floor was allowed to participate!
At 'OFFERING' you will also find a link to FREE DOWNLOADS.
We keep on working and adding to it all the time!

Some examples:

The Pelvic Floor in the press


A sampling of some articles and interviews in which The Pelvic Floor shares tips and knowledge.

  • Gert Late Night, Season 8, Episode 2 (starting at 00:40). September 1, 2020. Natalia (singer) and Hedwig Neels break the taboo and introduce The Pelvic Floor. link
  • Magazine University of Antwerp. September 18, 2020. Strong branding helps break the taboo. link
  • Het Nieuwsblad, weekend magazine Billie, June 14, 2021. More likely to orgasm, less likely to lose urine: why you should exercise your pelvic floor muscles. link
  • University of Flanders, Lecture and PODCAST! Watch and listen to "Why pelvic floor muscle exercises aren't just important for pregnant women." link
  • Good Feeling, September edition, Aug. 16, 2021. Master your pelvic floor. link
  • The Women Peloton, PODCAST. Aug. 20, 2021. Pelvic floor and bicycle! link
  • Feeling, September issue, Aug. 23, 2021. Down to the pelvic floor, the taboo explored. link
  • The Physio Cast, PODCAST Pelvic Floor Pain in Women, Sept. 23, 2021. link
  • Healthnet.co.uk, Oct. 28, 2021. 4 myths about your bladder and wrong urination habits. These bladder behaviors you need to unlearn right away. link
  • Mar10, Interview and podcast with Martine Prenen. "In Mar10's I go below the belt with Hedwig Neels of the Pelvic floor" link podcast and TVplus
  • HLN, 20 June 2022. Better sex, no urine leakage: why women need to exercise their pelvic floor. "Do this exercise 3 times a day" Link
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