Queefing? Vaginal farts? Vaginal flatulence? "What's in a name?"

Some examples of testimonies of real women.
"During yoga classes, I am scared to death of some postures. Because during some exercises, I fart unexpectedly! It sounds like 'farts, prostrates, farts' but I feel that it comes from the vagina, instead of from my poop."
"After my third delivery it got worse, some days it really bothers me. With every step I take, you hear a soft but embarrassing "pffrrr". As if I let out a breeze. But it is something else. I can feel the air escaping between my labia."
"After sex, I hardly dare move. If it gets too much fun, I suddenly fart loudly. During, but also after sex. Very annoying. I find it super-unattractive and I'm afraid I'll repel my partner with it."
Vaginal breezes.
  • What is it?
  • When and how often do they occur?
  • How are they created?
  • What "triggering factors" are described in the medical literature?
  • Can they be avoided?
  • Is there any treatment for it?

If you ask all the health professionals and specialists in the corridors of Antwerp University Hospital these questions, it soon becomes clear ... "No idea actually!" Far beyond the walls of the UZA and beyond the Belgian borders, we note that little is known about vaginal wind.

On the other hand... after a google search our browser almost explodes. Many women's health and women's magazines, once wrote an article about it. "Queefing", "farting", "fanny farts" (fanny is a dialect word for "vagina"), "vaginal flatus", "vaginal wind", appears to be a popular theme on the world wide web and social media.

Enough reasons to do a thorough screening of the global medical literature!

Result: We find few good studies on this problem.

  • Eleven studies were found to be worth going through.
  • We learn that vaginal breezes are provoked by random movements, sports exercises and sex.
  • They don't smell dirty, but they do sometimes make a lot of noise!
  • The figures on how common it is in women vary enormously from study to study (from 1% to 69%).
  • What the underlying problem is that causes this is disputed by many researchers.
  • Women who have had a vaginal birth are more likely to have it.
  • The studies also show that women worry about this and it reduces their sexual pleasure, but their male partners do not care and do not mind.
  • Vaginal breezes have a strong negative impact on the quality of life and social activities of some women.
  • Little is known about successful treatments.
  • Some doctors investigated the effect of a tampon to avoid the wind. But real solutions have not yet been found.

So despite the fact that this is referred to in the scientific literature as an unimportant and harmless little problem described in the scientific literature, it really does have a very negative influence on some women and many women in particular are asking questions about it.

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Some of our team members investigated this problem more deeply.

"We conducted research on over 200 Belgian women and over 500 Australian women and are happy to share our insights in an upcoming blog!"


Vaginal farts really do exist! Harmless and funny for one woman, but just as embarrassing and troublesome for another!
Every woman is unique!
We are looking into how we can help you!

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Neels H, Mortiers X, de Graaf S, Tjalma WAA, De Wachter S,Vermandel A (2017) Vaginal wind: A literature review. Eur J Obstet GynecolReprod Biol 214:97-103. doi:10.1016/j.ejogrb.2017.04.033


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