March 8, 2022

Pelvic floor talk!

"Hey there, follower, visitor, woman, interested: How can I help you?"

I try to ask that question (in)directly, looking for better solutions to achieve our goal! Empowering women in their self-care.

"Hey there, follower, women's health professional, enthusiastic colleague: How can we help your patients or clients?"

We get similar answers to both questions.
You unanimously ask for more accessible information.
Preferably short tips, it shouldn't be too difficult and shouldn't take too much time...?
Ok ... You ask, we try to make it happen!

Pelvic floor talk! The new resolution for 2022.

We will regularly share short knowledge clips: with a tip, an exercise, a little explanation or a specific answer to your questions.
Where? We share them on Instagram and Facebook @thepelvicfloor. Like and share!

  • To break the taboo about pelvic floor problems
  • to make them easier to discuss
  • to share well-founded reliable scientific information
  • AND empowering you to get started yourself!  

Are these films enough of a "treatment strategy" or the ideal easy way to get rid of all problems quickly?
Of course not!

Taking care of yourself, taking care of your own female pelvic floor health often does require more courage and perseverance.
Sometimes it's a search for the best solution and sometimes that one little tip might help miraculously.
But our message is always the same: Learn more and talk about it! Because the appropriate help exists for every woman.

Further ambitions

"Pelvic floor talk" was a first intention, but in the meantime we have a lot more info available for you! Check out our youtube channel!

  • Now check out our online OFFER: The self-check and exercise program are accessible to every woman! Check out the offer and FAQ.

Will you help us?

Would you like to partner with us? Contact us!
Would you like to support research? Make a donation here to the Antwerp University Fund Attn: The Pelvic Floor.

But above all: share our ambition!
Let 'The Pelvic Floor' finally become a permanent part of our women's health.
And make us that true Pelvic Floor Revolution come true!
Share our posts on social media and tag other women.
Dare to join us in breaking the silence and help make a difference for a lot of women!

We are counting on you!


Hedwig Neels


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