June 27, 2020

Initial reactions to the launch of our digital platform...

A month after launching this platform, we are one step closer.

All kinds of fascinating feedback is pouring in.

What do you mean, taboo? Pelvic floor problems are no longer really taboo, are they?

Yes, many women recognise themselves and say that they are afraid to talk about the additional problems...

Pelvic floor problems are more than just "leaking urine".

Talking about loss of access, for example, or difficulty holding in the breeze is very difficult for many women.
But also pain during sex, or fear of incontinence during sex; are common in many women.
A certain degree of prolapse also occurs in one in two women. Everyone experiences it differently, but we know from research that one in five women will undergo surgery for it at some point.
These are just a few examples of "other" complaints and problems,
which women are still afraid to talk about!
It is still a taboo.


Women feel relieved, they recognise themselves... That is exactly what we want to achieve.

Step one has been taken...

Some reactions we would like to share:

"Dear, I was so relieved when I read your information via MamaBaas. When I spoke to the physiotherapist after giving birth, during the postnatal clinic, about 'letting go of wind easily', she looked at me strangely and told me that this had nothing to do with a weakened pelvic floor. Ashamed, I didn't ask or speak to anyone about it anymore. I'd like to do something about this problem!"

"I was told about your site by my pelvic floor physiotherapist. I think the site is very good, it is very important that there is more information about pelvic floor problems. I myself find it very regrettable that I was not sufficiently (preventively) informed about the possible consequences before my birth and afterwards..."

"Hello, you cannot believe how happy I am to discover this initiative/website! I can really relate to some of the testimonies. Especially the ones about the prolapse and not being able or willing to accept your body. Or experts who say that this is all "normal" and you just have to accept it. And that is not ok. I would immediately like to make an appointment with a physiotherapist, gynaecologist or other expert... I am looking for someone in my neighbourhood. Can you help me?"


We are working hard on additional information; new blogs; new posts on social media; etc.
But also new research.
We need to stay critical; keep finding out how we can best help women
to prevent - treat and ... in some cases, teach them how to deal with them.
That is why we are all in clinical practice.
We learn every day and set up innovative research!

Read more about "Our Amazing Team".
Contact us.
And please support us, because we really need it to expand this project!

Thank you very much in advance!

In the name of the entire team,

The Pelvic Floor, Welcome to the floor!


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