Holding back urine or wind was a challenge

Caroline, mother of one son "who has been able to walk for a few days now, silly... How time flies. 

I was already well aware of the importance of the pelvic floor before my pregnancy.
I have had a weak spot for years and that is my lower back.
So I know that strong pelvic floor muscles are crucial in supporting (literally) good posture and a healthy body.
I have been doing yoga for years, swim regularly and do the necessary strengthening exercises... But pregnancy and certainly childbirth have had a huge impact on my pelvic floor.

Holding back urine or wind was a challenge.

I only found the feeling of solidity again after a year and I feel that it is still evolving in the right direction.

The comprehensive pelvic floor examination (with pelvic floor echo) informed me very well,
made things discussable and that is so important.

Wonderful work you are doing, in which a very underexposed part of our body
finally gets the necessary attention and care!



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