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Understanding your own body is the first step. After that, we want to encourage you to get started together. Start with our online info and exercise program or do The Pelvic Floor Selfcheck.

Hedwig as a coach on your sidelines

Hedwig Neels, the driving force behind The Pelvic Floor, is an enthusiastic pelvic floor physiotherapist (PhD), teacher, author and above all, an energetic woman who will work with you.

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The Pelvic Floor Workout, the online info and exercise program that lets you get started on your own!
You follow this 12-week step-by-step plan at your pace & where you want it.
We give you info and exercise videos, which build up nicely. You can download exercise sheets and choose how much time you make for it!
Feasible for every woman. I am on the sidelines as a coach to encourage you.

A free TRYOUT? You can!
You start with a digital self-check to identify your needs
You can follow the exercise program digitally for 14 days FREE
You'll watch practice and info videos and download an overview with beautiful illustrations and tips!
Questions will be answered via email
€ 0
You choose to test the first 14 days of the workout program for free. Free tryout that is!
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After 2 weeks you pay €24.99/month
Avoid urinary leakage, chair passage problems and pain.
Strengthen your core and performance & enjoy a better sexual experience!
Learn to know, understand and practice your own body.
A 12-week roadmap with info and exercise videos.
Watch and practice, whenever you have time.
Save time and disappointment. Get started. Get smarter and stronger!
Questions? We'll answer them by email!
Life-time access after a one-time payment.
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€ 49
You pay once.
I start immediately
Want to stick around after 12 weeks at a super-discounted rate? You can! Email us and we'll help he further! Want to stop your subscription? Anytime! Now also easily in your profile or with a short email to us.

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Pelvic floor examination with ultrasound

Want to make an appointment with Hedwig for a pelvic floor examination with pelvic floor ultrasound (also read our FAQ).

+32 3 821 33 50, Gynecology Department UZA

Expert Hedwig Neels

Request 1-on-1 (online) coaching or book a specialized screening with Hedwig. More info? On the website below.  

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If you still have questions about The Pelvic Floor, any of the exercise programs or a pelvic floor ultrasound, be sure to check out the FAQs where we answer frequently asked questions.

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Satisfied participants

These women went before you

"That I desperately needed to train my pelvic floor muscles, I knew. But how do you start? I always doubted whether I was doing it correctly. In this program, Hedwig gives you clear tips in fun short videos. You quickly learn which exercises to do daily and how to build up your exercises. The TRYOUT is a really nice start, it motivates me to quickly move on to the entire WORKOUT program. Time to really get into it".

Deborah, 51 years, mother of three

"I have always been a nervous person. Very tense, even my pelvic floor turns out to be overstressed. As a result, I have pain during sex and gynecological exams. And sometimes I also suffer from urine leakage during sports. Apparently, my muscles don't have enough reserve strength, because I have been keeping them tense all the time. The WORKOUT program has made a world of difference to me! I understand my own body much better now! I learned which exercises I can do myself at home to relax better. I can both relax and get up much better now and the stretches and abdominal massage exercises help me enormously! An absolute must".

Jessy, 28 years, top athlete

I am pregnant for the second time and would like to avoid problems in the future. In the WORKOUT program you can find so much useful information! Hedwig explains everything clearly and she also does all the exercises by the way! She also prepares you for the discomforts that childbirth can bring. I didn't know anything about that before my first delivery! If I could have followed this program even then, I would not have been so shocked by the results! After my first delivery, my pelvic floor looked like havoc! Everything turned out fine, I know that now! After my second childbirth, I will definitely continue the work.

Caroline, 35 years old, mother of one son and pregnant again