March 22, 2023

Research call for female cyclists!

Are you a female cyclist(recreational or professional) and interested in participating in research?
Then we need you!

Research Survey available in Dutch AND English!!!!

At the University of Antwerp, Belgium, we are investigating what intimate discomforts women may experience on a bicycle,
such as saddle sores, swelling, abrasions and numbness in the intimate area

We would like to know if you have these complaints, what impact these complaints have on you and if you have found any solutions on your own in the meantime!

By mapping this, we can better assess what needs you have and hope to help more women on bikes in the future.

Let's break the taboo together!

Would you like to help write a piece of history?
fillout our questionnaire via this link or QR code!

In the meantime, are you already looking for more info?

  • Visit the website of The Women Peloton, partner in this research and the community for women on bikes!
  • Buy and read our book Velo Women, packed with tips!!!

Are you too interested in becoming a partner and contributing to this research? Get in touch with us! We really need you!

Survey also available in English!


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