December 26, 2022

Pelvic floor ultrasound, Get to know your own pelvic floor better.

Pelvic floor ultrasound is one of many options to have your pelvic floor examined more closely.

It's not the only option. But it is our favorite!

We can visualize your pelvic floor muscles, bladder, urethra, vagina, uterus (neck), last part of your bowel and anal sphincter.
All while we ask you to tighten your muscles, cough, or apply some pressure.

That way we can watch live with you:
  • What really happens in your daily life down there!
  • How well your pelvic floor has "recovered" after childbirth (recovery snap/tear)
  • How well your pelvic floor has been "preserved" after hormonal changes (menopause) and aging
That helps us to assess -together with you:
  • Whether pelvic floor muscle exercises will suffice -and if not what aids we might recommend
  • To whom we can best refer you
  • what tips we can give to your own doctor or physiotherapist

We will always reassure you, discuss the images together and will give you and your doctor/physician/midwife/trainer honest info & tips.

Want to see how it really works? A real recording of this is hard for us to share.
But together with our partner Uplifted, we made a nice video!

Want a sneak peek into our consulting box? Watch the interview on youtube here

Want to know more? Read more Practical info about a pelvic floor ultrasound at gynecology UZA, in our brochure.

A prescription or referral letter from your doctor/child/ midwife is an added value, but not necessary.
If you would like a consultative report and specific advice from Hedwig Neels (physiotherapist) or a specific gynecologist on our team, please ask specifically when making your appointment.
Call 03/821 33 50 or contact us via this platform.

Maybe see you soon!


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