The Pelvic FloorBASICS a webinar series for professionals

Our goals are clear:

To break the taboo about pelvic floor problems, to make them more open for discussion, to share accessible and scientifically based info, just to empower women in their self-care.
We do this here on the platform, on the social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) and by building a strong network!

But that's exactly why we need your help!

We notice and learn that very little is known about the pelvic floor even in the professional world!
Many (para)medics and women's health professionals seem reluctant to broach this subject
... because of a lack of knowledge and ... because they are unsure about the scientific basis of some tips they would like to give.
That is why they often refer to others!

But to really achieve our goals, the pelvic floor just has to get out of that specialized niche.
It is sometimes a complex story, with a need for sufficient expertise.
But good preventive tips and good education can really do wonders for many women.

As a midwife, nutritionist, psychologist, sexologist, doula, personal coach, yoga or pilates therapist, physical therapist, general practitioner or specialist, you have undoubtedly often come into contact with women who have pelvic floor problems.

Do you sometimes notice that your client or patient:

  • Suffering from urine leakage?
  • Can't hold back breezes or lose bowel movements?
  • Have sexual problems or pain during sex?
  • Ask herself questions about her body during pregnancy or after giving birth?
  • Avoid some sports for fear of accidents?
  • Wondering about changes she feels around menopause?
  • Wondering what sports she would "just do" or "better not" with a prolapse?

We can help those women very much!

Make a difference together with us!
Dare to ask about problems and share info in an approachable way!
Not obvious?
That's why I developed an online webinar series:

The Pelvic Floor BASICS for professionals.view here

The recordings were made in a studio, the knowledge clips are divided into 10minute recordings.
Everything is online on a convenient and quality platform where you can easily follow how far you have come.
We hope to use this to inform more Women's Health professionals.

Little time? No problem at all! Handy knowledge clips, watch at your own pace!

You follow this at your own pace! In the knowledge clips, I enthusiastically share lots of info in an accessible way.
The handouts are also available on the platform.

And last but not least, we have opened a professionals Facebook community that you will get access to when you purchase the Pelvic Floor BASICS+series.
A community in which we will answer all questions as best we can!
A community where hopefully many enthusiastic colleagues can find and inspire each other.

Are you already a pelvic floor specialist?

No worries: you're welcome too! You too can purchase the webinar series (a good refresher and new tips) and join our community!
We are looking forward to it!

Proceeds go to further research and further projects to support women even better.

Hopefully I was able to convince you and you too will want to take a look. Click here.

Sharing in your network, would be incredibly cool!

Because to truly make a difference for every woman...collaboration is key!


Many greetings,
Hedwig Neels


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