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With this online platform we want to make a real difference through attractive and bite-sized information. With good and honest insights we want to help women preventively, break the taboo around pelvic floor problems and really empower them to take action themselves!

About Hedwig

Hedwig Neels is the initiator and driving force behind The Pelvic Floor. Hedwig's biggest mission? To break the taboo around pelvic floor problems. With The Pelvic Floor as an information platform and soft community, she wants to make the issue understandable in a positive way by empowering all women in their unique selves.

Besides being a professor at the University of Antwerp and pelvic floor physiotherapist at the University Hospital of Antwerp, she also teaches Women's & Pelvic Health Professionals. Both medics and paramedics.

In addition, she has compiled all her knowledge in the Pelvic Floor Book. A book for all women packed with recognizable testimonies, beautiful illustrations to clarify and a lot of accessible info and tips. Everything a woman needs to know about her pelvic floor.

She also specializes in pelvic floor problems in athletes (both women and men) with a specific focus on saddle problems in cyclists. For this we would like to refer you to hedwigneels.com .

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