Why did nobody ever tell me how my pelvic floor would feel after giving birth?

Why did no one notify me?

Why didn't anyone tell me earlier about those first days after giving birth? If I had known beforehand that I would have to walk around with a diaper afterwards, just like my little daughter, it might have been less shocking!
All women tell you beforehand how their deliveries went...! that is...

Well dozens of childbirth stories you get to hear, ad nauseam!
But no friend will tell you how she felt afterwards after that delivery...

No girlfriend told me that afterwards she had walked around with swollen labia, a torn vagina and many bruises.
No girlfriend told me about the loss of blood afterwards, about those awful pampers you really need
and no girlfriend told me that she also suffered from urine loss. That maybe their muscles were not strong enough anymore to get to the toilet dry...

I was not given any information or tips at all in the hospital about pelvic floor repair.
Not a word was said about it.
Fortunately, my situation did improve day by day. I didn't have many problems left. But those first weeks I was really terrified; terrified that I would never be able to hold up a pipi again, terrified that I would never dare to have sex again, and terrified that I was the only one in the world going through this.

I insist on sharing this testimonial! Because your platform "The Pelvic Floor" is a PRACTICE initiative!
And should really be viewed by every woman in the world!
Good luck!

I like and follow and share your plans and posts with great pleasure!

Evelyne, mom of one son.

The Pelvic Floor: "This is a story we, as professionals, hear so very often!"
Women do share stories, but pelvic floor problems, pain issues, urine leakage, chair movement, dirty panties, ...
these are things we as women still don't like to talk about.
The taboo on pelvic floor problems is real. We don't talk about it enough.
We can help each other much better, by giving correct information.
Setting expectations better.
For some women, it's not all bad, but for some, it comes as a harsh shock!
Share your story with others. Don't force it; but share it with style.
We'd love to continue working on sincere, accessible, bite-sized information!


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