Funny that most women still know so little about the importance of the pelvic floor muscles!

Sophie, Mother of 1 son: 


I had a very nice pregnancy and am athletic: I was therefore convinced that my body would go through childbirth easily.
It did, but I still had a lot of problems with urine leakage afterwards.

Today - my little son is three - I still suffer from this, especially when jumping and sneezing.
I also suffer from vaginal flatulence more often than before, especially during yoga.

My pelvic floor physiotherapist has helped me tremendously to gain insight into the function of the pelvic floor muscle, and how with the bladder and uterus.
The pelvic floor ultrasound is also a great visual tool to get to know this part of your body better.

Crazy that most women still know so little about the importance of this muscle.

Your work also helps to discuss ailments that are often still a taboo subject.
Thank you! 


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Pelvic floor ultrasound, Get to know your own pelvic floor better.

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